Solution for Your Health and Fitness.

Healthyviv is enabling customers in health and fitness to build smart devices equipped with cloud-based analytic along with best low power technologies such as sensors, connectivity and below solutions for you and your family.

Weighing Solution

Having solutions for every application of weighing requirement.

From home application to commercial application and everything in between. Healthyviv has a full range of product offerings to meet your weighing needs. Such as: Weighing management for personal health,  Loss weight training for weight watchers, Fitness center, Smart drop kitchen scale for cocktail, bake, blend, Nutrition Management, food delivery service, baby care……etc.

Measurement Solution

Healthyviv provides measurement solution.

Healthyviv provides measurement solution regards temperature, blood pressure, length, height and weight what involves health and beauty.Accumsan sodales consectetur scelerisque fames semper dis vehicula aenean dignissim vestibulum lacus inceptos id ad laoreet himenaeos mi.A a dolor facilisi vestibulum vestibulum consectetur a turpis parturient.

Tracking Solution

GPS tracking, tracking sleep, tracking sport and step.

GPS tracking, tracking sleep, tracking sport and step, tracking fat and weight, tracking diet, tracking mood,tracking pets. Control and stay health from movement, diet, sleep and mood.Vestibulum nulla pulvinar dis ad erat et consequat luctus ullamcorper aptent metus a aliquet neque quam diam a ullamcorper convallis lobortis primis eu magnis duis justo mi odio penatibu.

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